For your first essay, you will be responsible for writing an account of an academic text’s argument. Specifically, you will focus on Judith Shulevitz’s “In College & Hiding from Scary Places.” In your essay, you will need to focus on the following elements: i. Identify: Who is the author? What is her credibility to speak on the subject? ii. Identify: Who is the intended audience? iii. Analyze: What is the context of the article? Why is the context important? How does the context affect the argument being made? iv. Analyze: What is Shulevitz’s purpose for writing the article? v. Identify & Analyze: What is Shulevitz’s primary claim? vi. Identify & Analyze: What evidence does Shulevitz use to support her claim? 3-4 pages in length  MLA 8 Format  MLA 8 Works Cited Page  Because you are asked to write an account of an argument, you are not required to evaluate whether or not Shulevitz’s argument was effective or ineffective. Instead, just focus on walking your reader through the choices Shulevitz makes in order to make her argument. Use simple language.


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