What is the influence of the Mediterranean Diet on Alzeheimer’s

Write a systematic review paper appropriate for publication between 4,000-6,000 words (this word count includes the introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion). The paper must reflect adequate synthesis of the literature reviewed (minimum of 50 sources – no less than 10 primary research articles related to the topic) and include <200 word abstract. follow APA style for the entire paper (no numbers in parentheses or Italics when referencing).

PLEASE review APA guidance via the APA style guide, blog or other reputable sources. Identify, evaluate, and synthesize relevant literature. As you read the literature, the emphasis should be on critical reading and reflection. Identify methodology strengths and weaknesses and evaluate the adequacy with which the conclusions are supported by the data. Keep a careful record of all pertinent references. You may wish to include a few historical or classic references. As you read and evaluate the literature, formulate a clear specific purpose statement.

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