Was the pitch clear? How early in the pitch did

  • Was the pitch clear? 
  •  How early in the pitch did you understand exactly what the startup does?
  • Did the presenter speak quickly or slowly?
  • How much jargon did the presenter use?
  • Did the pitch have slides?  Were the slides well-designed?
  • Can you map the pitch back to the topics in the Sequoia and/or Pollenizer pitch deck templates?  How closely did this pitch follow the formula?
  • How  convincing was the pitch for you personally?  If you were an investor  in the room, would you want to learn more and potentially invest in this      startup?
  • Did the  pitch have a Q&A section at the end? How did the entrepreneur perform      in that portion of the presentation?
  • After watching the pitch, could you quickly and easily repeat what the startup      does in simple terms?  

What did you think were the greatest weaknesses or areas for improvement? 

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