Given the following right triangle, find cosθ, sinθ, tanθ, secθ, cscθ, and cotθ. Do not approximate: Find exact answers. Show all of your work and explain steps as necessary. The length of the Hypotenuse is “7”, length of the opposite side is “4”, length of the adjacent side is “?”. The angle is where the hypotenuse and adjacent side meet. [Indicate your response here. Be sure to show all of your work and explain each step, as necessary. If you need help using the equation editor in Microsoft Word, refer to the Equation Editor Tutorial document. Remember to address each of the critical elements of the prompt: ● Establish a context for the problem by explaining in your own words the course principles that apply: What are the relationships between theta and the lengths of the sides of the triangle? Be sure to correctly use the appropriate terminology in your explanation. ● Apply the mathematical process to solve the problem: ○ Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the third side of the triangle. ○ Write out the six trigonometric functions in exact form related to theta. ● Clearly state the answer using appropriate precalculus notations.]


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