This assignment consists of two parts, with the first part


This assignment consists of two parts, with the first part concentrating on identifying risks, issues, assumptions, and dependencies. Creation of this initial document is a core responsibility of the project manager role. The second part of this assignment is the creation the critical document known as the resource plan. With the knowledge gained from the creation of these two documents, projects are better prepared to course correct when changes occur.

Create a RAID log with clear explanations as to why the individual items are identified and included. Use the project proposal outline created in the previous assignment to identify potential risks that could occur in the process of executing and implementing the project. Log all assumptions made during the project proposal outline creation for the outline to be feasible. Log all issues that will need to be addressed before the project kickoff. Document all dependencies that impact the project completion. For all dependencies in the RAID log, identify relationships between logged items (i.e., successor and predecessor), as well as if these dependencies are internal to the project and the team or external.

Next, create a resource plan that aligns with the skills needed to complete the scope of the project, while also addressing the risks defined in Part 1. Describe the necessary skills needed to complete your proposed solution consider diversity, effectiveness, and responsiveness to organizational needs (e.g., contractor or full-time employees). Additionally, identify ways to mitigate risks through appropriate resource planning.

Submit your assignment using the following Excel spreadsheet format:

  1. Sheet 1: RAID Log
  1. Sheet 2: Resource Plan

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