The Passion of Christ Description

 Write a paper (3 pages typed, and double-spaced, in a 12-point font, with at least 1” margins) on one of the following topics. You may bring by a draft of your paper to go over before the final due date. Analyze the narrative of Christ’s passion in either Matthew or John. Why, in the understanding of the writer, was Jesus put on trial? What was the relationship between the Roman and Jewish authorities that is revealed in the account you are analyzing. Note: you do not need to refer to outside bibliography in writing this paper. But you should make explicit references to the texts of Matthew, John, or Acts or Pliny; these references can be in parentheses. The proper way to refer to the New Testament is by chapter and verse (e.g., John 18:1-2, Acts 11:2). In your introduction, make sure that in your first paragraph that you discuss both the problem that you are examining and the methodology (i.e., the sources) that you will use. At the end of your first paragraph, you should have a thesis statement, in which you state clearly what you will be arguing.

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