Submit a meaningful reply of 400 – 450 words to

Submit a meaningful reply of 400 – 450 words to the below post. Synthesize course material and
demonstrate critical thinking, graduate-level writing skills, and reflection.

 Cite the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business
 Use you textbook (attached) and at least 3 journal articles as references
 Include Biblical integration in response to each question posed and in the analysis of
each peer’s post demonstrate analysis, synthesis of all course materials, tact, and insight. 

Opinion is worth little unless it is supported by quotes and/or paraphrases from the textbooks and
professional journals. Adhere to current APA format in all posts.



Each and every company that there is must sit down at one point and decide what is the best way that the company should go about their cost estimation and profit planning. Costing is defined as “the process of accumulating, classifying, and assigning direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead costs to cost objects, which most commonly are products, services, or projects” (Blocher, E. J., Stout, D., & Smith, S. 2021). There are two types of costing systems that companies tend to use, job costing and process costing. Depending on the functions of the company, it depends on what systems are best used.

Description of Each System

Job costing is a system that is used when companies need to be able to be more adaptable with their spending and need flexibility depending on what materials and labor that they need (Fayek, A. R. 2001). Process costing on the other hand is used when companies do not need to have adaptable processes and instead can use the same processes, supplies, and amount of labor every time in order to get their products financed and finished (Drury, C. 1992). The specifics from each costing system helps each company to decide what costing system is the right pick for them. Some of the characteristics of job costing include the fact that each factor of the process has a specific cost that has been adapted to best fit that certain project or contact (Blocher, E. J., Stout, D., & Smith, S. 2021). Process costing on the other hand is used when companies can mass produce their product because they are not selling several different services or contacts that need to be adapted. A couple of examples for companies that use a job costing system would be Cenvar Roofing, which is a local roofing company in Lynchburg, Virginia. Another company that uses this system would be Spectrum Cable. These companies have different packages and products one can purchase that are adapted based on the needs of the customer. Companies that use the process costing system would include Coca-cola or Little Debbie. Both of these companies use assembly line processes that are fixed in order to make and distribute their product. This leads to each product being a flat rate, such as a snake cake being one price and a bottle of coke being one price and the same everywhere you go, instead of it being customizable for the customer. 

Biblical Integration 

In terms of how the christian faith can be implemented into this discussion board, it can be tied into the biblical idea that seeking wisdom on how to design one’s business is ultimately the best thing to do. In life, it is important to gain insight from others and prayerfully consider the paths that God wants each person to take in their own individual lives, including their businesses. James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” This is guidance that if one does not know what they are doing in business and is not sure what model they should choose for their business, they should seek out the guidance and then make their decision from there.



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Boston, MA.

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control. Cost Engineering, 43(8), 23.

King James Bible. (2008). Oxford University Press. (Original work published 1769)

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