Sequence Analysis

This paper asks you to look closely at a sequence of your choice from one of the television shows we’ve watched together and then make an argument about the work it is doing. Your argument should focus on your sequence (and ideally, the sequence serves as an example of a larger theme or issue that you see as important in the show). You will do a shot list and then ground your essay in that initial work. Your paper should address one of the following prompts: How does your show imagine the relationship between technology and place–the west/the frontier, outerspace? How does your show imagine and/or define a connection between landscape and America? And, what is that connection? (Or, what does it look like and what work does it do?) The goals are to hone your skills in visual analysis and practice written argumentation. Please read through the entire assignment! Shot list & Topic: Pick 10-15 consecutive shots from Westworld, The Jetsons, Lone Ranger, or Star Trek: The Next Generation (it must be from the assigned episodes). Then, craft a shot list (see sample shotlist on TritonEd under resources). The shot list must be formatted like the example on TritonEd. Paper Requirements: 400-500 words Thesis/Argument supported by evidence (details from shot list essay) and analysis Works cited list (NO outside research)

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