Q1. Discuss any four main factors that affect the intensity

Q1. Discuss any four main factors that affect the intensity of competition between established firms in an industry. think of some examples to elaborate your answers.

Q2. What is a differentiation strategy and what are the key factors in implementing it? Please take a company as an example to explain how it implements the differentiation strategy.

Q3. Please identify at least four key considerations for firms pursuing vertical integration. Think of some examples for vertical integration and explain why these firms choose to be vertically integrated. 

Q4. What are the major sources of competitive advantage from diversification? Using a company as an example, please analyse how the diversification strategy it has adopted has given the company a competitive advantage.

Q5.Please explain how Porter’s National Diamond theory help analyse competitive advantage within an international context.

Q6. List the main forces for applying a global strategy and a national differentiation strategy, respectively. Using a large multinational firm as an example, analyse which international strategy it uses and explain why. 

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