Purpose The importance for networking is imminent today. Networking will



The importance for networking is imminent today. Networking will help to grow a business by connecting with people looking for the service you are offering. This will help to broaden a demographic and give the business the ability to collaborate with other businesses. Proper networking can increase the types of products that you may want to sell as well. Services or goods could be exchanged for other services that may be of benefit in growing a business of a small stature.

When it comes with to negotiation and persuasion, it is worth mentioning that the strategy “win-win” does not mean that you should give away your position but rather look for alternatives clients can commit to from their own situation. You, as a consultant, can help them arrive at a solution without giving away your bargaining position.

Assignment Instructions

You have just moved to a medium-sized city and are looking for clients. Through your networking efforts, you have met the owners of three businesses who have expressed an interest in having you help them as a consultant. You do not have a lot of detail about these businesses, but that can be an advantage, since you can use imagination and creativity to suggest potential technology and/or non-technology-based solutions. Some areas worth exploring include recognizing strategies to identify current and potential target markets, rationalizing new products and services that will bring additional value to the business as well as to the clientele, current or upcoming improvements in infrastructure, area demographics, educational and cultural preferences, and competition, to mention a few. Make sure to read The Selling Process, in the Assignment Requirements below.

The three potential client companies are:

Client No. 1 – A small bookstore would like to expand what it offers to customers.

Client No. 2 – A small sheet music store would like to expand its business.

Client No. 3 – A car detailing business would like to explore additional services for its customers.

Assignment Requirements


Part 1: The Selling Process

Choose just one of the clients above.

  • Write an introductory statement for this section, explaining the situation briefly. It is acceptable to invent a little more detail than what is provided above. Do not simply say you “chose scenario no. 3” – write as if the reader is unaware of the Assignment instructions.
  • Write a short paragraph for eachof the following steps in the selling process:
    • Identify potential targets – how would you determine the target customer? After thinking about the scenario, what target did you choose?
    • Product offering – After determining the target, what product or service did you choose, and why? (Note: it is recommended but does not have to be a technology-related product or service)
    • Competitive review – Explain any competition from other businesses that might make marketing your product or service difficult.
  • The minimum wording for this part of the Assignment is 200 words.
  • Do not use sources for this part of the Assignment; this is to be developed from your understanding of the scenarios.

Part 2: Professional Networking

After completing the readings and doing some light online research and thinking, develop your own ideas for professional networking.

  • In your first paragraph for this section and in your own words, explain reasons for networking.
  • In your second paragraph, describe places and processes that you personally could use as a Consultant to develop your own professional network. Include which ideas are most valuable and why.
  • The minimum wording for this part of the Assignment is 160 words.
  • This section is to be developed from your understanding of the concept and critical thinking; do not use source material.

Part 3: Research and Interpretation

The consultant needs to build negotiation skills. Perform research on the Internet and find an article that details negotiation techniques.

  • Identify the article, and then summarize what you feel are the most important ideas in the first paragraph of this section of your Assignment.
  • Make note of the author, title, URL, and date for this source. (you will need it for the formatting instructions below).
  • The minimum wording for this part of the Assignment is 120 words.

Part 4: Keywords

Choose at least four keywords or key phrases each from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. (This means you will have at least 12 keywords/phrases.)


This Assignment is to be presented in a report format, which means that you can create your own design!

The required pages and content are:

  • Cover Page: Think about all of the content you wrote and compose a unique title for this report. Also include your name and the date on the cover.
  • Page 1: Place your Part 1 content (the introductory statement and three subsequent paragraphs) on this page, with an appropriate heading.
  • Page 2: Place your Part 2 content (two paragraphs) on this page, with an appropriate heading.
  • Page 3: Place your Part 3 content (the summary) on this page, with an appropriate heading. Include your source information somewhere on the page. It does not have to be in APA format as long as you include all information listed in the instructions above.
  • Last page: Use Index as the heading and insert your 12+ keywords/phrases in alphabetical order. Identify the page number with each keyword/phrase so that the reader knows where they are used (page 1, 2, or 3).

Other requirements:

  • Include the page numbers on pages 1, 2, and 3.
  • Use color, shapes, and/or relevant images to make your report look enticing yet still professional.
    • Make sure that your color choices do not diminish the readability of your report.
    • If you use images, select them from Microsoft Office’s offerings or your own images. Do not choose images found from random internet searches; you want to remain mindful of copyright issues.
  • It is okay to use different fonts, but with some restrictions:
    • Use only one or two fonts. It is typical to use one for headings and another for body text.
    • Make sure that whatever fonts you choose are easily read. Overly fancy fonts can stop a client from wanting to read your reports.
    • You may use different sizes of your font choices.

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