Proving the Existence of the Traditional Judeo-Christian God

You must write about the following 6 items below and defend your thesis. You must explain them all in detail in section 2 of your paper and then critically discuss each of them in section 3 using separate paragraphs. Use paragraphs — at least one for each idea. Follow the instructions in the syllabus for writing the big papers. 

1. Choose ONE of Aquinas’ arguments, the one you think is best. (Do not do more than one.) 2. St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument (Use the first version of his argument that we covered in class — not the second version that is similar to Descartes argument.) 3. Paley’s Design argument 4. The Argument from Religious Experience (This isn’t in the textbook. I presented this idea in a PowerPoint. William James did not make this argument. He discussed the idea of religious experience.) 5. The Problem of Evil (This is an argument for the claim that God does not exist.) 6. Kierkegaard (He argues that it is impossible to prove that God exists. He thinks that belief in God requires faith, not reason.) After you explain each of these in section 2, then you have to critically discuss all 6 of these separately in section 3 of the paper using at least one paragraph for each. Follow the instructions in the syllabus for writing the paper. In section 4, you will write a brief conclusion explaining what you argued for and why. Do not add anything new in the conclusion.

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