Posting rules. You must reply to original questions/prompts by Thursday

 Posting rules. You must reply to original questions/prompts by Thursday of each week. This counts as the online portion of the class and is how you get attendance for this meeting date. This is every week. All first posts must be 150 word minimum (no replies are required). All prompts must be answered for full credit. All reply to peer posts must be 50 words. You only have to reply to 1 peer – 150 word minimum for your answer and 50 word reply for your peer reply. The peer reply must critique your peers post – it cannot be an “I agree …” post. DANCE



1) Watch these dance videos – Dance of Sugar Plum Fairies

                                               – – Dance of Little Swans

                                               – – Dance of the Shades

                                               – – Cinderella

Waht genre are these dances? Wat makes this genre fall under the Roantic Era of music? Which of these commonly is shown at Christmas time? Why? 

2) What does the Romantic Era in art, music and literature focus on (besides romance)? How are the emotional displays often portrayed in art? In music? In dance?

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