**Part One Social media allows organizations to capture the eyes

**Part One

Social media allows organizations to capture the eyes of their target audience. An organization creates business profiles on major social networks to promote their brand and leverage their platform to grow and educate their audience. 

If a marketer approaches social media without a content plan, they lose the benefits that social media offers.

Instructions: Provide an example of how an organization uses content marketing in their social media postings. Remember, social media and content should complement and enhance each other. 


• Submit a Word document in APA format. 

• One page in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages. 

• At least one unique high-quality reference.

*Part Two

As a brand strategizes which social media channels best suit their audience, it’s essential that they have these tools to manage all of their platforms. Social media management tools allow marketers to schedule posts, track analytics, monitor topics, and more.  

Business Scenario Suppose you just started working at a local jewelry store as a social media manager. In previous years, the marketing department has allocated the majority of its budget to traditional marketing efforts. Now, they will be shifting focus to leverage the power of social media marketing. The jewelry store has 2 distinct target audiences based on the store’s primary product categories:

  1. Estate jewelry – Baby boomers (age 57-75) with income $80,000+
  2. Engagement rings –
    • Millennial (age 24-35) men with income $50,000+
    • Millennial (age 24-35) women who want to research and select their diamond 

To get started, your boss Chantelle has asked you to research potential social media platforms that align with the target audiences above. She would also like you to provide options for social media management tools to manage these social platforms like Hootsuite. You will need to make a presentation to senior management to win their approval on this software investment. Chantelle is asking you for a report that is due Sunday at midnight. 


  • What social media platforms and management tools would you recommend in your report to Chantelle?
  • How would you convince Chantelle that your choice of management tools will help implement the jewelry store’s social media plan?

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