Part 1 1. How would you define culture and what

Part 1

1. How would you define culture and what does the cultural pyramid tell us?
2. Explain the concept of a cultural paradigm and that of a paradigm shift. Use examples from recent times to support your explanation.
3. Highlight the key differences between the terms multicultural, cross-cultural and intercultural and how are they are relevant to business?
4. Explain three of the key cross-cultural issues that should be addressed by managers leading teams in a cross-cultural business environment. Provide examples.

Part 2
Choose one of the following questions:
1. Critically evaluate the work of Hofstede and Trompenaars. Which perspective of national cultures do you believe to be most relevant today? 2. In what way has culture affected the position of women in the workplace? Consider the advantages, challenges and opportunities they face.

3. To what extent do the dimensions of individualism and collectivism influence employee attitudes towards teamwork, goal setting and performance? How can managers counteract this?

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