Organizational Analysis Assignment Instructions Overview This assignment provides you with

Organizational Analysis Assignment Instructions


This assignment provides you with the opportunity to
analyze a present organization where sound leadership principles are necessary
for the organization to operate ethically and most effectively. This assignment
will provide you with the opportunity to apply leadership concepts we have
learned about in our course to this organization.



While this organization may be any criminal justice
organization, you should select an organization that you are able to research
to gain a deeper understanding of the functions of its management and its
management philosophies. Once you have selected an organization, analyze the
organization for evidence of the path-goal theory and assess how the path-goal
theory can be used to strengthen the organization from a management perspective.
In addition, analyze the organization for evidences of
Kouzes and Posner’s Steps One and Two and
discuss how they are implemented. If evidence does not exist, then explain how
Steps One and Two can be used to improve the organization and its leadership
effectiveness. Also, please examine the organization for evidences of LMX. Be
sure to assess how the “Inspire a Shared Vision” or the “Model the Way” concepts
exist within the organization through the lens of a Christian Worldview. This
assignment is derived from the subject matter in your weekly assigned reading,
the overall construct of leadership, and organizational leadership.
To gain insight
into the leadership practices of this organization, you may conduct internet
research on the organization or interviews of higher-level management.


The length of the assignment is required to be
a minimum of 6 pages.

The page count does not include the title
page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material.

paper must follow current APA guidelines.

is not a minimum required number of references for this assignment.

sources include scholarly sources from the past 5 years.


Note: Your
assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 


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