NUR 400: Module 3 Ethics Case Study

In the advanced forum labeled, “A Look to the Future”: Prepare a power point presentation that you could share with other nurses in which you explain why nursing informatics is important to nursing practice. The presentation should be no more than 10 slides, but give the audience a good overall understanding of nursing informatics and its impact on nursing practice in the 21st century. Your presentation will be graded on content and look of the presentation.

You will not be required to actually present the material but feel free to share it with your colleagues at work so that they will start to understand informatics as well as you do after taking this course. Post the power point presentation to the forum site where indicated. Review and comment on the posts of at least two of your classmates (75 words each). What points that they highlighted are the same as the ones you highlighted and what points are different. Consult the Rubric for Grading Advanced Forums in Appendix A, for the grading criteria used for all Advanced Forums. The initial posting should be made by the date indicated on the Moodle site to give colleagues an opportunity to comment before the end of the period of study. 

Analyze the following case study and respond to the questions attached in a short (three-five pages) paper in APA format and narrative form (no numbered answers or bullet points). Send the answers as a Word document via the assignment drop box designated by your faculty member. Matt S. is the nurse manager of the Coronary Care Unit. He is logged on to his computer workstation to review and update patient records when one of his patients experiences a cardiac arrhythmia. At the sound of the alarm, Matt leaves his workstation and proceeds to the patient’s room to initiate treatment. Joe is in the hallway cleaning and replacing ceiling lights. When Joe sees the vacant workstation, he sits down at the terminal and searches for information about his neighbor who is a patient in another unit. Joe’s neighbor has been quite mysterious about his medical condition, and Joe is very curious about what is really wrong with his neighbor. Joe learns the truth about his neighbor’s health condition, and shares this information with another neighbor. Jill P. is a school nurse in a suburban school district. Because of a crisis during her regular work hours, she is unprepared for a scoliosis screening and education program the following day.

She decides to go into her office after hours to catch up. Her daughter Susan is working on a homework assignment and asks Jill if she can use the computer in the office because it has more sophisticated programs and a better printer than their home computer. Jill agrees to let her daughter use the computer. While Jill sets up for the screening, Susan accesses the student database and learns that four of her classmates were recently treated for sexually transmitted diseases. Susan shares this information in the lunchroom the following day. The news spreads rapidly through the school and one of the affected students learns that her “problem” is now common knowledge. She informs her parents, who go to the school superintendent demanding to know how this could have happened. Case study from: Teaching Activities and Thought-Provoking Questions, Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, by Dee McGonigle and Kathleen Mastrian Consider the following: • How are the two cases alike? How are they different? 


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