Media History: History of Cinema in the UAE or GCC

MPS 361 Media History

Guidelines for the alternative research project for those students not doing the oral history assignment.

The alternative research project should follow the following guidelines:


Topic: History of Cinema in the UAE or GCC.


This paper should be double spaced, using a font size 12 for text and 14 (bold) for titles. Normal formatting should be followed.

This paper should have the following parts:

A cover page that includes the title of your paper, your name, your student number, course number and date of submission.

An introduction of your research topic (must include a definition with a citation). This is usually half a page.

A summary review of literature (i.e., summary of major or significant works published about the topic before in academic and/or professional journals or publications. This is usually obtained via library research or using Google Scholar). This is usually between 1-2 pages.

Method (what method did you use to collect your information (e.g., survey, interview, observation, etc. And what was/were your research question(s). This is usually half a page.

Findings (a summary of the facts and opinions that you found in your research, including the answer to your research question stated earlier in your ‘Method’ part). This is usually one page.

A Bibliography (using APA style).


Suggested length is 5-6 pages (or approximately 1500 words using Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced).

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