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Description For this assignment, you will summarize for your immediate supervisor the arguments in favor and the arguments against allowing California to regulate network neutrality in its state. You will first briefly explain the Constitutional arguments in favor and the arguments against states regulating businesses in their state when the federal government chooses not to regulate those businesses. You will explain who would benefit from allowing the California law to regulate network neutrality and how they would benefit. From the opposite perspective, you will explain who would benefit and why they would benefit from allowing the FCC rule- making to have sole jurisdiction over network neutrality. You will write this assignment in the form of a memo. You will send this memo as an attached document in a professional email written to that same supervisor. In this case, the supervisor is your TA who will be the Vice-President for Government Affairs. The memo will cover the following important components: • Point #1: Briefly explain the Constitutional arguments presented by California in favor of the state law and presented by the federal government in opposition to the state law • Point #2: Briefly explain why California has chosen to regulate ISPs in their state • Point #3: Briefly describe why the FCC has chosen not to regulate ISPs nationwide

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