Lateral violence or Horizontal violence in nursing

Topic/ issue: Lateral violence or Horizontal violence in nursing

This paper is a description of one of the most important issues in the profession of nursing today. There is no “most important.” You need to identify the issue, present it clearly, using the best evidence you can find, and state why it is important. In choosing your issue you should use the course descriptions and the objectives of the course. Your issue should have an evidence base that includes research studies. What to include and organization: You should include an introduction and a summary. The issue should be described, including the scope, impact, and why it is of importance and significance at this time. You may include a very short, clear chronological history if it supports your position that the issue being described is important. Alternately you might include how it developed and the effects of historical events. In general, your topic should dictate what you include. You should demonstrate that you have searched the literature on this topic. The paper should include an analysis of the issue and an overview of approaches that have worked (or failed) in the past in the body of the paper. You do not have to focus on the approaches that have been taken; however, the approaches should be at least mentioned.

Differing views should be made clear and explained. Future concerns may also be included. Your own opinion is valid and valuable; however, you need to be very clear when giving your opinion that it is your opinion. You should limit your opinion to a maximum of approximately 15% of your paper. You can use your personal experiences as a part of your opinion. For example, you may have personal experiences that validate or contradict what experts have voiced. When you include your opinion or personal experience you should describe your view, why you feel that way and how it relates to the issue. Give specific facts to defend your position. Notes on Content: The paper should show evidence of insight (deep understanding), reflection, and originality of thought. A sound and logical analysis of the issue will show clear understanding of the relevant aspects. You should address all of the important aspects of the topics. Appropriate significance should be assigned to the information presented and irrelevant information is not included. Differing and controversial views should be included when they exist. A paper of high quality will show an analysis of the issues, including divergent opinions. 

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