Instructions Reply to the 2 threads below. Each reply must


Reply to the 2 threads below. Each reply must  be at least 150 words. All assertions in your replies must be  supported by scholarly resources that consist of the Reading &  Study materials, good examples, and thoughtful analyses. There must also  be an appropriate incorporation of a Judeo-Christian worldview/analysis  and biblical principles where it is applicable. All sources must be  cited in current APA format.

Thread #1

Topic: System Design and Interaction with God

My cellphone is a Samsung Galaxy S10. The Galaxy uses the Android  operating system produced by Google. Samsung started manufacturing the  Galaxy June 2009 and the S10 is the result of 10 years of Interactive  Design improvements over the original model.

The best feature of the device? Whatever I want to put on it. The  choice. The android software can accept a lot of things, and it is even  possible to code/program your own apps for android if what you want does  not exist. My boss has a four-year old daughter with diabetes that  wears a fit-bit, and he made an app that receives that fit-bit data and  monitors her highs and lows, watching for an insulin plunge and gives  off a warning when it dips. I have tried to convince him to market it,  but he loves his job too much to spend time developing apps.

The worst feature is Bixby – the android intelligent voice  assistant, works as a competitor to Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Assistant.  The issue is not that Bixby is bad; Bixby works hard to be outdone by  the other two. The big problem is that Bixby has been around since 2017  and Siri since 2010. The interactive design growth that Siri has been  through is just incomparable. Think of how many new vendors are starting  up Operating Systems to compete with Microsoft Windows. In a type of  Status Quo bias, most people would not want to switch and learn a new  Operating System. However, there is also an aspect that MS Windows has  been through decades of Interactive Design improvements through software  revisions.

There is a plethora of things we could add to our cellphones, and  so much that has already been incorporated. The issue is that the phone  gets more expensive, or larger for everything we put in there. My  favorite app is the YouVersion Bible app that also has a kid’s version.  My kids get The Bible App for kids on their iPad, and I get the parent  guides on my phone which allows us to go through stuff together when  they need a break and want screen time. I really enjoy it, and it gives  me an opportunity to share God with my kids while keeping their  interest.

Thread #2

  Iphone 12  Collapse          

I have a Iphone 12 cell phone. It is 5G capable. The phone uses an  open source operating system version OS 14.8. The system has 64 GB of  storage. The display is 5.4 ” diagonal . The are two back facing  camera’s and one front facing cameras . Apple offers cloud based backups  and restoration capabilities. Apple offers an a trusted source for  Applications from its App store. 

The best things about the Iphone 12 is the use of the Open Source  Operating System. This architecture allows for sand bagging processes  and helping to mitigate damage from exploitation. This works hand in  glove with the App store being a trusted source for applications to  download. The size of the display being 5.4 allows the phone to easily  be put into a pocket and fits easily in one hand. I have two soon to be  three granddaughters and love taking pictures. The two back facing  cameras have wide and extra wide apertures. They have image  stabilization and zoom which are very good for taking video’s. The cloud  based storage in icloud and the ability to restore from those backups  is a game changer. The ability to locate your lost phone is important.  The ability to wipe the device to protect your personal  information remotely is also important. 5G is important as long as you  have a 5G network to support 5G. 

 Siri is a nice feature for voice activation but it hasn’t been a  product that I have used much. FaceTime is another feature that I  haven’t used. The Mag Safe function is nice but there are studies that  show that in some iphones (Pro and Max) have been seen to affect ICD  Implantable Cardiovector Defibulators and pace makers. The studies show  how they can affect heart rate and other functions. I hope people are  aware of this and be aware that by placing the device on the skin near  the ICD affects them. This was across several models of ICD’s and  pacemakers. 

I would add a USB port on the phone to add connectivity along with  the current port used for charging. I would include Lidar sensor for  scanning that the iphone 12 Pro and Max offer to offer better range  finding for better object inclusion.

Interacting with God daily is our daily walk. We are challenged  daily with our journey. I have to read Gods word for strength and  encouragement. I have to pray for God strength and wisdom. Trust the  promises to never leave or forsake us. then to act upon that trust.  Faith without works is dead. We must be soldiers in Gods army. Living  the the only Bible many will ever read. We can’t only come to God with a  wish list of what we need. We must be open to His will and be willing  to follow. We are all on a journey of continuous improvement. We must be  willing to pay the price and trust and obey. Praise the Lord.

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