In any criminal justice role, it is beneficial to have


  1. In any criminal justice role, it is beneficial to have an understanding of basic budget components. You may be asked to provide input on a budget related to your work, to retrieve information from a budget, or to create a budget for your department. In this assignment, you explore the basics of budgets, finances, and planning, with special consideration for how these apply to criminal justice agency budgeting. Consider private and public sectors of business, as well as criminal justice agencies, as you research your paper. Do not attempt the assignment until you have completed all the weekly reading assignments.

    Write an 750- to 1,000-word paper in which you do the following: 

    • List the standard items that are included in an organization’s budget.
    • Explain who is involved in the creation of budgets for criminal justice agencies, and what their roles are.
    • Compare public and private business budget preparation strategies, addressing the following questions: 
    • How are budgets prepared for each?
    • What are some funding sources for each?
    • Which sector (public or private) would you prefer to budget for? Explain.
    • How can you apply business budgeting concepts in the creation of an effective criminal justice agency budget? 
    • Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources.

      Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Remember, a hyperlink alone is insufficient information for a reference citation. Proofread your assignment thoroughly.

      Submit your assignment.


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