Implement Goals Linked to Strategic Organizational Behavior to Support

This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:

CLR1 – List the key features of organizational behaviour

CLR2 – Analyze the individual behaviours and processes as they apply to you in an organizational setting

CLR3 – Develop team skills and processes

CLR4 – Learn organizational processes

CLR5 – Differentiate between how individuals and groups interact with an organization Objective of this Assignment: Develop and implement a set of strategic goals designed to build and shift organizational behaviour and culture from a current state to a desired outcome.

Outline the goals and an implementation process that applies the concepts and tools learned relating to organizational behaviour as well as engaging workplace teams in a change management process. Define and defend what success will look like and include a set of metrics in your plan that will be used to celebrate achieved outcomes. For this assignment, read the following scenario: After working for your company, Chester’s Widgets and Gadgets, for nearly 2 years, you are approached by the president of the company. He shares his concerns about his vision and strategic plan, outlining that he cannot seem to engage the team in them, and that the organization is too slow to change. He asks you to do something to fix it. You leave his office frustrated because you believe that his modelled behaviour has done nothing to create a sense of urgency or clarity to the team with regards to what needs to be done in order to reach his desired state. Nonetheless, you are not one to give up, and begin to tackle the job that he has assigned by exploring what steps must be taken to turn things around.

Step 1: Your Role and Goal As the senior leader in charge of organizational development, behaviour and culture, you embark on a goal-setting establishment exercise to motivate employees, change attitudes and norms. The goals must be clear, and must also foster and encompass a culture of productivity, safety, support for one another, as well as personal growth. Your task is clear, but is an uphill battle because the change will have to start with a select few and spread from there. Your process, goals and implementation plan must be succinct, well-defined and actionable, as well as timely.

Step 2: Deliverables for this Assignment Design a start-to-finish goal-setting strategy, including: – Build buy-in to change, which should include key items such as: o how the goals and process will unstick; o change and restick organizational culture; o support changeability; o creating an adaptive culture. – How will you structure the plan and organizational goals to achieve results? – How will the plan motivate employees and measure success? – How will you steward the plan as the senior staff member in charge of its design and implementation? – Include a timeline with goals and outcomes for each stage of the plan. You must design the program from the scenario provided. If there is information that you wish to include but is not noted in the scenario, you are encouraged to research, cite, and reference external sources of information that support your work

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