Imagine you are part of a forager’s group (hunter-gatherer) and

 Imagine you are part of a forager’s group (hunter-gatherer) and you recently experienced a drought of several years that depleted your access to water resources and as a result to vegetation. In addition, animals that you and your group hunted died or left the area in search of water. Your group decided you must leave and join another group to be able to survive. Your foraging group consists of the following people:

• You and your spouse (both of you of childbearing age)
• Two male relatives ages 18-35
• One female married age 19
• One female married age 26
• One female single age 17
• A 6 month old baby
• An 80 year old female relative

You identified a group with resources across the mountains, but they are two weeks away and you only have food to sustain your group for a week. Not all of you will be able to travel to join the neighboring band; some may need to stay behind. Who would you take with you to improve your chances of survival? Who would you leave behind? What are you planning to take with you to secure an exchange with the other group to get the needed resources? Explain why you made those decisions. 

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