How to reply to classmate discussion………….War is nothing but a

 How to reply to classmate discussion………….War is nothing but a necessity. Without it, the still new States are headed for the gutter. The tyranny we had believed to have escaped has become evermore present, and we should not allow it to continue. The feuding of the English and French similar to the battles held by siblings has struck our economy, and if it were to continue would cause us to “lose annually, in revenue only, ten millions of dollars.” (Henry Clay Endorses War, 1811) Not only is the economy being affected, but also our own population. The British are taking our men by means of impressment to use them in their own Navy to fight their own war. This alone is intolerable. They must atone for their sins of impeding on the rights that we had already established through our victory in the Revolution. Furthermore, Britain has been supplying the Indians with weapons in an attempt to cease our westward expansion. By doing so, our ability to establish new settlements has been impeded. As we know, battles with the Indians are “a warfare which is known to spare neither age nor sex and to be distinguished by featured peculiarly shocking to humanity.” (President Madison States The Case For War, 1812) We mustn’t let our people die for wanting to proceed on new expeditions. The fact that the British are supplying the Indians with weaponry alone is treacherous, not including the other actions that they have taken against us. We have contracted too many losses to lay idle. Action must be taken, and swiftly. If we were not to take initiative, we would be faced with nothing but detriments for our country 

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