How Snapple Got Its Juice Back ( discussion questions)

1. The One Thing. The Snapple brand has had its ups and downs. In your opinion, what is the one thing about its history that allowed it to come back from the mid-1990s death spiral it found itself in? 2. Risk-averse Strategies. Both Quaker Oats and Triarc Beverages pursued brand management strategies for Snapple that were explicitly risk-averse, and yet Triarc succeeded while Quaker failed. Why? 3. Fancy Pants Analysis. In the end, the author suggests that “Quaker’s corporate temperament was perfectly attuned to the achievement-oriented message of Gatorade,” whereas Triarc knew that Snapple’s brand vitality “responded better to play than to planning.” Do you buy this? Is it too simplistic to say that Quaker just made some dumb decisions when it came to managing the Snapple brand? 4. Your Favorite Brand. The author says that brands develop as a result of a “consensus between what the marketers want and what the consumer has use for,” meaning a brand is a story that is told by a marketer and accepted whole by consumers. What’s your favorite brand and, more importantly, in your opinion what story does it tell? 5. Your BEAR Topic. Have you settled on a topic for your BEAR report? If so, tell us about it and why you chose it. If not, tell us about the brands you’re considering.

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