Greek and Roman sculptures

In this writing assignment you will make a comparison between two artworks. You are free to choose the artworks, but they have to be related to a topic addressed in the first three sessions of the course. The aim is to illustrate key issues of a certain session with your comparison. Please read the more detailed instruction below. Instructions writing assignment: • Choose a topic that interests you, from the first three classes: How to look at the history of art (I), Prehistoric art (II), Greek and Roman sculptures (III).

• Search for two artworks (from any time period, or in any kind of style) that can be related to the topic of your choice, which make an interesting comparison. Use the differences and similarities between these artworks to illustrate key issues addressed in the session of your choice. Focus on one or two concepts, rather than listing many differences. • Use terms addressed in the lectures – but never without explaining them in your own words – and explicitly refer the obligatory literature (Elkins, Gombrich, Mondzain, The BBC Documentary on Islamic Art or the text on Alberti). Make sure you make at least one important reference to one of the texts. • Mention all (!) the sources you use (obligatory literature, extra material or (web) sources). Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and detection of plagiarism will be sanctioned. Large paraphrased parts with no references are seen as plagiarism. Also, (almost) literally translated text fragments from a non-English source that are not indicated as quotations, will also be treated as plagiarism.

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