FACC 6100 Midterm assignment: The Carlson Company and Global Corporate

Case: The Carlson Company and Global Corporate Citizenship: The Protection of Children in the Travel and Tourism Industry


Case Specific Learning objectives:

Focus on competing demands of business opportunities and social responsibility and the obligations business leaders have toward resolving moral issues at the international level within a highly complex world.

Research and learn about Ethical Codes of Conduct


Additional General learning objectives:

Express thoughts and ideas in a concise, clear and professional manner

Delve into important ethical issues related, but not directly tied, with the case

Demonstrate creativity and ability to link concepts across topics



Please prepare a professionally written paper including the following elements. Please use a heading for each question and keep in the same order as the questions are listed below. You must do external research and cite it – you cannot rely only on the case for your response (start with the links included in the course outline). Paper not to exceed 5 pages in length.


Brief background on Carlson company operations and history (1/4 page approx.)

Explain the link between sex trafficking and Carlson Company (1/4 – 1/2 page approx.)

List pros and cons of development of Regent Hotel & Resort in Costa Rica – include factors from the case and others you independently determine. Rank the items and explain how you determined the ranking (1/2 –3/4 page approx.)

Would your ranking from # 3) differ if Carlson was a public company? Would the decision-making process overall differ or remain the same if Carlson was public? (1/4- 1/2 page approx.)

What are the pros and cons of companies adopting the Code against Sex Trafficking? Rank the items and explain how you determined the ranking (1/2 – 3/4 page approx.)

If the hotel project goes ahead and is successful, what impact might this have on Costa Rica, a country whose economy heavily relies on tourism? Should this be considered by Carlson as part of #3, why or why not? (1/2 page approx.)

What do you think is the most challenging implementation issue regarding the Code at the new hotel and why? (1/4 – 1/2 page approx.)

If you were to join a company, in a senior management role, that did not have an Ethics Code, assuming you believe it important to implement one, what specific actions would you take (when and who would you speak to)? List elements of the Code you would include regardless of the industry. Choose a specific industry (not tourism) and list some specific elements you would include due to the nature of the industry. (3/4 – 1 page approx.)

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