Existential Theme synthesis

Description TASK: Write a multi-paragraph response in which you create a central theme statement common to multiple texts. Analyze how the authors develop this theme over the course of each text and how those choices contribute to the meaning of the texts overall. whatever topic you do requires you to synthesize at least 3 sources. Note that this topic demands comparison. you will need to organize by the idea rather than by source. To prove your central claim, you will need to come up with supporting arguments (body Paragraphs) and use text support from multiple sources as evidence. The key to a synthesis paper is the use of multiple source per argument. IDEAS (PICK WHICH ONE YOU’LL FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WRITING ABOUT) and let me know ahead of time which you decide. Ideas 1. Living in a way that is in tune with who you are as a person and the work you live in is key 2. An important part of developing an authentic and satisfying life lies in being an individual. 3. Rationality does not hold the key to all truth. 4. In a world that can certainly feel absurd, it is up to us to create our own meaning. SOURCES (USE THESE SOURCES ONLY) ( At left 3 sources) Excerpt from “The Myth of Sisyphus” – Albert Camus (1951) “The Wall”- Jean Paul Sartre (1939) ” Eveline”- James Joyce (1914) ” This is Water”- David Foster Wallace (2005) ” The Parking Garage”- Seinfeld (1991) “A brave and startling truth”- Maya Angelou (1995) ” O Me, O Life” – Walt Whitman (1867) ” we are literally made of stars” (1997) ” Expect Nothing”- Alice Walker (2005) ” Sir, I exist”- Stephen Crane (1899) ” The Dash”- Linda Ellis (1996) Scenes from The Dark Night Trilogy (2012). Warner Home Video “Credo”- Craig Lucas (1995) ” A Noiseless Patient Spider”- Walt Whitman ( 1868) ” Invictus”- William Ernest Henley (1888) When quoting from these stories/ poems/ video, please use in text citation ( authors last name, year, para/line/time number) The essay has to end right at the end of page 3. First paragraph would need a hook, and a clear thesis statement.

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