Discussion: 3 pages 1: Is architectural design a must or

 Discussion: 3 pages

1:  Is architectural design a must or just one of the choices for developing and design software system? Does architectural design need to follow standard developing steps or procedures? Is there any flexibility needed? 

2.  What is Hadoop (Explaining Hadoop) ? 

3. What is HDFS? 

4. What is YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator)? 

5. For transaction, there are 4 properties, please address those properties.

6. For concurrent control, please describe the required reason of use concurrent control and how to implement concurrent control?

7. If there is Conflict Serializability issue, how to handle it?

8. For database management systems, there are a lot of different design such as Centralized databaseDistributed databasePersonal databaseEnd-user databaseCommercial databaseNoSQL databaseOperational databaseRelational databaseCloud databaseObject-oriented databaseGraph oriented database, and etc. 

Are there any relations between different systems? How to integrate multi-different systems?


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