Dietetic Practice in Long Term Conditions- Dietetic Care Plan

Assessment Task: Coursework – A 3000 word written assignment to develop and fully justify a dietetic care plan for a service user who is obese.


This involves critical application of the Dietetic Care process and includes: assessment and interpretation of information, calculating nutritional requirements, developing a care plan with stepped goals, setting a monitoring and review plan with full justification of clinical reasoning and decision making throughout drawing on evidence based practice and clinical guidelines.

Assessment Task Brief


Module Title:

Dietetic Practice in Long Term Conditions

Assessment Title:

Dietetic Care Plan





Submission Date &Time:



Mode of Submission


This assessment should be submitted electronically via the assessment link on Blackboard.


Your submission should be referenced using the APA 6th edition. Guidance on how to do this is available on the library gateway:


You should format your work using size 12pt Ariel font and in 1.5 line spacing. Please include a front page detailing your name, module title and module leader and your word count.


Task details and Instructions.


You are expected to develop a care plan for a service user who is obese. This involves critical evaluation of the literature and the following aspects:


  • Assessment and interpretation of information
  • Calculating requirements
  • Typical day’s diet and justification incorporating dietary guidelines
  • Developing a care plan with stepped goals reflecting psycho-social factors & service user perspectives
  • Monitoring and review plan


You are expected to develop a multi-professional approach together with knowledge of care pathways and current policy/guidelines to ensure you care plan reflects current evidence based practice.


Mr. Green’s social history:


Mr. Green is 48 years old and is married with two children. He is a civil servant work working full-time and has a sedentary lifestyle other than walking short distances from the bus stop to and from his office and home. He enjoys socialising with friends at the week-end. My Green is keen to improve his health and there is a strong family history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Recent anthropometric measurements include height 1.8m and weight 120kg.



Mr Green’s current food intake is detailed below:-


Breakfast                     2 Weetabix

                                    100mls semi-skimmed milk (no sugar)

                                    2 slices granary toast with thick spread butter

                                    150ml glass orange juice


Mid-Morning              Apple

                                    Can cola

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