Describe two different ways that the two sets of competencies

 Describe two different ways that the two sets of competencies (NAEYC and Whole Leadership) align or are similar. Provide a reason for each of your stated alignments. For your own experiences, choose EITHER an area of strength OR an area of growth from the Whole Leadership Framework. Share with your peers why it is a strength/area of growth for you. As you move through this course this session, what opportunities do you see for further development (remember we can develop a strength as well as an area of growth!). Assignment – 3 pages 6a: Demonstrating professional identification with and leadership skills in the early childhood field to think strategically, build consensus, create change, effectively collaborate with and mentor others, and have a positive influence on outcomes for children, families and the profession. 6b: In-depth understanding and thoughtful application of NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and other professional guidelines relevant to their professional role. Constructed Response Assignment: Complete assigned Readings 3, 4 and 5 : (#3) Code of Ethical Conduct for Administrators; (#4) Section 1: Clarifying and Defining Access; (#5)Equity Starts Early. If you are not familiar with the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct (upon which the Supplement for Administrators is written), I recommend reviewing that document first. Consider the issues of access and equity as addressed in readings # 4 and #5. Using specific Ideals and Principles from the Code of Ethical Conduct Administrator’s Supplement, identify how the issues of access, equity, and programs demonstrating cultural competence are expected by the Code. How do providing access, equity and culturally competent programs influence positive outcomes for children, families, programs (and program staff) and communities? Graduate writing expectations in place. Thoroughly addressing the Code with respect to these issues is likely to be at least 3 pages (if not longer!) double spaced. Review the rubric to be aware of expectations 

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