Describe the “typical” communication process in your company (or group,

Describe the “typical” communication process in your company (or group, team or club that you are a member of). Does effective communication take place as we have defined it? If not, which part(s) of the process tends to break down? Give an example or two of good communication and poor communication.

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How can you use the “Arc of Distortion” and “Johari Window” concepts to help you improve your, and other’s, communication on the job or elsewhere? Can you use these concepts to gain yourself a political advantage at work?

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What barriers to communication exist in your company (or group/team that you may be a member of)? What effects do they have? What can be done to eliminate them?

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Describe your company’s (or group, team or club’s) communication climate. Is it more supportive or more defensive? What is your emotional and behavioral reaction to the type of climate you work in? How can this climate be improved?

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