Describe a situation or two that you have observed, or

Describe a situation or two that you have observed, or been a part of, at work (or on a team or club or formal group that you were a member of) that involved use of the integrative mechanisms we have discussed. Which mechanisms were they, and how were they applied?

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Which of the above integration attempts worked well? Which worked poorly? Why? What do you think could have been done to integrate the organization more effectively?

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Have you ever found yourself in a job conflict or job overload situation due to multiple lines of authority? How did you react to it emotionally and behaviorally? How did the managers involved react to it? How did it affect your job performance? What could have been done to resolve the problem?

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How would you describe the culture of the organization where you now work, or have worked in the past (or perhaps the organization that someone you know has worked at)? Is/Was it an adaptive culture or an inert culture? How is/was this culture communicated to employees? What stories, ceremonies, language, or other behaviors are/were used, intentionally or otherwise, to communicate cultural messages? How has/did this culture affected employee attitudes and behavior?

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