Define and regulate privacy is severely hindered by the multifaceted

The essay assignment is designed to have you reflect on and apply the concepts learned in this unit. Please prepare a reflection paper in response to one of the prompts below. We expect you to use in-text citations as well as provide references for those citations (your references should not be included in the word count). For a paper of this length, we expect a minimum of 2 references taken from outside of class readings, in addition to 2 references to class readings. You may choose any citation format.

Include URLs in your list of references so we can access that content. Your grade depends on how well you support your position with ideas and concepts from the readings and other references. Please do not merely reiterate the arguments of the class readings, but rather make critical assessments and analyses.

Formatting: Font size 12, single-spaced, 1000 words.

Please include your name and which prompt you are following in your paper’s heading, Prompt 3:

The quest to define and regulate privacy is severely hindered by the multifaceted nature of this concept. It is also particularly difficult to keep track of how new technology ends up affecting both privacy and the privacy policies already in place. Find a real-world example of when privacy was either obscured or made transparent, and argue how this affects the future of privacy. (E.g. Google had to rewrite their privacy policy and permissions on Android phones to give some transparency to how apps were utilizing user data. How would this affect privacy concerns in the future? How would this affect users’ expectation of privacy?) Use an example other than the one given in the prompt.

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