Assignment Forging an American Identity Pearl Primus Forging an American Identity For this assignment, you will examine the development of American dance forms in Broadway and in Modern dance against current dance forms to analyze how dance reflects American society, in the past and the present. Read the full assignment then develop a thesis statement that will be supported throughout each paragraph. Use descriptions of the form, technique, and structure of the dance to illustrate your argument and in-text citations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for references. Part 1 Select an artist from Lesson 2 and discuss how his or her works described what it meant to be American or what life was like in America. It is important that you choose a person or a work that interests you or you relate to in some way. Discuss the artist by answering the following: Who: List the choreographer. Name one choreographic work from the choreographer or artist you chose that particularly resonated with you. What: What work interested you and why? Did you connect with it in some way? Or did it seem so beautiful or odd you couldn’t get it out of your mind? Briefly describe the form, technique and structure of the dance performance (see point 4. below). When: How was their work (technique) representative of life in America? How is it functional? Is it developed as something Nationalist—trying to create something uniquely America—or embrace a global community? Did it create work through a fusion of traditions or by conserving an older dance tradition? Form, technique and structure of the dance. Technique: Consider who created the rules of this dance and what traditions were being passed on purposefully or accidentally. What did they borrow from other cultures and what was unique to their dances? Form: What specific movements are used within this piece? What particular moments or movements grabbed your attention? What images and actions did these moments or movements convey to you? You do not need to describe the entire piece, but only those moments that grabbed your attention. Structure: What relationships do the dancers have to each other? Are they distant or close? Are there any solos, duets or trios within this dance? What is the nature of those relationships (i.e., is the duet about love or a duel) How are dancers grouped (i.e., are they clumped together, or uniformly spread out, in a line, etc)? What does the spatial relationship say about the emotional relationships? And examine how this artist fulfills any of the Broadway or Puritan/modernist themes from Lesson 2.


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