Create two Personas that best describe the ideal customer who would be

Trader Joe’s Business Goals for the online experience is to:

  • Gain a new customer segment that can be enticed by online shopping, but still stays true to its brand
  • Increase frequency of customers purchasing by optimizing for user needs
  • Increase the average quantity of items purchased by hyper-efficient suggestion model and ease of use
  • Inspire customers to experiment
  • Create a unique branded experience that is authentic to Trader Joe’s
  • Target their identified audiences: Loyal Foodie & Distracted Urbanite.
    • The Loyal Foodie are middle-aged and loyal customers. They shop for supplemental items for their family seeking out items that are unique to Trader Joe’s that they can’t get with their regular grocery shopping.
    • The Distracted Urbanite is younger and is less loyal to the brand, but enjoys the convenience of the ready made and easy to cook items.

For each personas, you will need to:

  • Visit a Trader Joe’s (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and observe customers. Take notes to identify trends:
    • How do they dress?
    • How old are they?
    • What kinds of things are they buying?
    • What are they driving (or not)?
    • Who are they with when they are shopping?
      • What are they talking about?
    • Are there similarities between any kind of demographics?
  • What to look for:
    • Identify consistent issues 
    • Identify patterns of behavior
    • Figure out which issues you are going to tackle
    • Keep track of insights and ideas
  • From your observations, identify the trends and demographics you noticed and try to bucket which ones meet the general target audiences. Do further online research on any supplemental demographic data that can be found that overlaps with your identified users. Any empirical research that helps round out your understanding can be used.
  • Find a photo to represent your target Trader Joe’s Personas and give them names.
  • Include a two paragraph story to represent why the target audience would be a regular user of Trader Joe’s online
  • Include Demographics (marital status, household size and income, age, etc.) and associated interests: Favorite TV Show, Car they Drive, Hobby, job title, how often they spend time food shopping, cooking food or watching a cooking show.
  • Based on your research, provide additional statistics that you identify about your user’s gender makeup, race breakdown, suburban vs urban ratio, discretionary income spending, etc.
  • Write 4 User Pain Points / User Needs that support the business goals listed above
  • List up 5 features, Content, or Services Trader Joe’s should offer this customer (via online) that service those pain points / needs
  • Include one reference for an additional resource of where you made your decision about this user. As long as you seek one data source that describes that user or a website where the user would go to, you should be on the right track. 
  • You are not required to make it look designed 

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