Contract Law in Construction essay

QUESTION Scenario You are a Construction Project Manager (CPM) in a construction company, QCR contractors. Alongside this role, you are also studying for the Advanced Apprenticeship Degree in one of the leading Universities in England. JD Ltd is new to the construction industry with little construction experience and intends to enter into a contract with a contractor. JD Ltd will finance the project, define their requirements, provide the land, and take care of the necessary permissions such as planning permission. JD Ltd wants the development to meet the relevant legislation such as Building Regulations and Construction Design and Management Regulations. Being a commercial client, JD Ltd has secured a loan from the bank for the project hence would want the project to commence fairly quickly. This is very important. Also, while JD Ltd is flexible in terms of the time of “certainty of cost”, they lack the ability and resources to, among many, administer consultant and contractor contracts. By implication, contractual procedures are not limited hence not required. Meanwhile, the project in question is not complex. Tasks: As an Advanced Degree Apprentice in University, you are to write an academic essay covering the following: 1) Critically evaluate the main procurement methods and recommend the most appropriate procurement method for the above scenario. 2) From one of the standard forms of contracts that can be used in the recommended procurement method, outline the most appropriate one that can be used in the project and justify your response.

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