Contextual Application Paper – External

The contextual application paper is an individual assignment. Students should NOT discuss with others or advise others about this assignment. Any unauthorized collaboration (collusion) on this assignment will be considered as cheating and will be subject to an academic discipline.

The deliverable to me is a paper that demonstrate your understanding and analyses in clear and well-organized manner. The paper should be no more than eight (8) pages including a separate cover page (double space & 12 font size). Please include citations of all your references in a separate Reference Page (APA style). Reference and appendix pages are not counted toward the page imitation.

Here is what you need to do. First, pick a company that you are interested in researching. Second, identify news articles from reputable business newspapers and magazines that are relevant to the company (and the company’s industry). Find articles that describes certain trends and phenomena in the external environment. Third and last, analyse the external environment of the company or industry using the frameworks and researching findings in the second step. Your overall goal is to identify opportunities and threats arising in the external environments.

Here are additional guidelines for the assignments:

The paper must be based on articles that are:

relevant (clearly relate the articles to what we have discussed in class)

timely (within the last 24 months) 

from a reputable business publication such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Economist.

Avoid excessive use of bullets, indent space, and direct quotes. The paper should be left-aligned with the 1-inch margin on four sides of the paper.

You need to use minimum of ten news articles in your writing.

You need to include in-text citations. Also, include a separate references page at the end and list all the citations in APA style (there should be at least ten (10) citations.

Insert important tables, figures, and charts in the body of text if they can easily fit in a page. If those (tables, figures, and charts) are too large to fit in a page, then include them in a separate appendix section. Tables, figures, and charts have to be your own creation unless recreating them on your own is near impossible or impossible. Use of tables, figures, and charts are highly recommended. At a minimum, your paper should include the following three tables (not counted toward the page limit)

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