Conflict of Laws Assignment

Conflict of Laws is a term that usually relates to two (2) jurisdictions that could supply the law in a particular lawsuit and a scheme for choosing the more appropriate set of laws in a case. However, there are also times when laws within one (1) jurisdiction appear to be in complete contradiction.

The definition of ’emancipated minor’ falls into the latter category in New Jersey. The term “Emancipated Minor” is a very ‘hot topic’ in family law today. That discussion (including college tuition) and relevant case law does not apply for the purpose of our analysis. Question Presented You are working in the E.D. A child comes in with signs of minor trauma (bruising, chipped tooth, and scratches). She will not provide you with any information, but she is obviously pregnant and says, “Please, don’t call my parents; they don’t know!!!” What do you do? 

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