Case Analysis of Angels and Devils: Best Buy’s New Customer Approach

Write up cases using the following format:  Situation Analysis (background to the issue)  Objectives (Statement of issue to be addressed)  Options to Address Objectives (list all options the company could undertake, including status quo – do nothing)  Evaluation of Options (provide detailed evaluation, calculations, qualitative assessment, etc, for each option. Use appendices as needed)  Recommendations for Company (state clearly what the company should do and why) Write cases double-spaced, with Arial 12 point font and 1 inch margins. Case submissions should not exceed 10 pages in length, excluding the cover page, Table of Contents and appendices. Include all references to secondary sources using good formatting with footnotes for every source that is not from you or your team. Spelling and grammar count towards your grade. Use charts, tables and graphs where appropriate. Note that all cases should be analyzed using only case material itself. That is, stay within the case. Students are not expected to use external research to supplement case material as this is not an exercise in research but rather one that explores students’ approach to analysis and critical thinking.

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