Assignment 2:Encryption and Security Protocols

CITM 820 Information Systems Security and Privacy

The purpose of this assignment is to sample application layer services.

Using packet capturing software, you will be demonstrating the basic concepts of the OSI, Specifically HTTP, FTP, SSL, Telnet, and SSH protocols are demonstrated based on the stack. General Information and Policies – Solutions must to be submitted on through the blackboard system. – Ideal reports include screen snapshots of all of the exercises.

Objectives – Map the theoretical context of the material learned in class to their implementation in the real world. – Dissect popular network services using protocols analysis software. – Differentiate between network services based on the TCP/IP Reference Model. – Demonstrate secure application layer protocols. – Observe differences between Telnet and SSH. – Observe differences between HTTP and HTTPS – Demonstrate the process of RSA encryption and decryption. Keywords IP, ipconfig, netstat, promiscuous mode, HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, Telnet, TCP, UDP, RSA. Readings and Resources: – Review the “Introduction to Wireshark” video. wireshark/ – Read pages 1-3 of Chapter-1 (The WireShark User’s Guide). – Review Week-1 and Week-2 Lecture notes. – Read about the functionalities of the keywords above. Deliverables – Answers to the Pre-Lab environment auditing information. – Wireshark Exercises. – Encryption problems. 

This section demonstrates a method for downloading a file using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 1.1 Open your Internet browser and request the Putty download page using the following URL:

1.2 Make sure that your WireShark is running and from the Capture Menu click Restart. 1.3 Switch to Putty Homepage using Alt-key and Tab-key. 1.4 From the Putty Homepage, click on puttytel.exe hyperlink and download the file. 1.5 On the WireShark Capture menu, click stop. 1.6 Save the captured segment in the file: http-puttytel.pcap 1.7 On the Putty Homepage: Right-click the mouse on the on puttytel.exe hyperlink and select Properties. From the dialog box obtain the URL for the hyperlink.

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