Aspiring to be a Supervisor

Assignment: Aspiring to be a Supervisor Directions: In a two to three page double-spaced paper, discuss why you aspire to become a health care supervisor. Include a brief evaluation of your qualifications (e.g., experiences, strengths, areas in need of improvement). Discuss how your strengths will help you become an effective health care supervisor given the changing marketplace and the range of challenges facing the health care industry in general and, specifically, those in health care administration. Discuss how you will address any current deficiencies in skills, experience, and/or education that might prevent you from achieving your professional goals. Include an example of an effective supervisor, you have worked for in the past. What was the management style and how did his/her approach impact employers? How your paper should be organized: Divide your paper into logical sections with each section having the appropriate heading (i.e., Introduction, Experience and Qualifications, etc., Conclusion). Properly cite and reference all sources used. Include a properly formatted title page that includes your full name, course title and number, date, and title of your assignment. Name your file using the first initial of your first name, followed by your full last name and the title of the assignment (e.g., JDoe-LP1.1Assignment). Please add the references..

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