ARTICLE 1 The marginalized “model” minority: An empirical examination of


The marginalized “model” minority: An empirical examination of the racial triangulation of Asian Americans

Xu and Lee argue that with demographic changes in Asian and Hispanic populations in the U.S., a multidimensional racial triangulation theory is a more useful analysis of Asians in the U.S. than the more traditional black–white binary model. Do you agree that a multidimensional study of race relations is more effective to understand the demographic makeup of the U.S. currently and in the future? Support your answer with specific details from the article.

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The central frames of color-blind racism

Bonilla-Silva identifies four frames of color-blind racism; briefly explain these four frames. What is your opinion on the usefulness of these four frames to understand issues of racism that persist today?

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  • Cite any sources, including assigned readings, according to APA citation guidelines.
  • Write two paragraphs for each articles

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