Africa Americans music hishtory

 Description This is related with African-American Literature and Music in the 19th and 20th. Answer those questions( first 5 questions just need short answers) Short Answer questions 4 points each. 1. Name three characteristics of Early African American music, blues, jazz and Hip Hop. 2. How does Hazel Carby challenge feminists to use the blues as a legitimate “text” for critical inquiry? 3. Why and how have African and Caribbean musicians used music to mobilize the people? 4. What do the Frederick Douglas excerpt, Sonny’s Blues, Trumpet, and Decoded tell us about the connection between black music and human survival? 5. In what ways has black music been used to record history? Provide examples. Essay 10 points Write a brief (four paragraph minimum) essay: How did James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues,” Jackie Kay’s Trumpet, and Jay Z’s Decoded present the idea that music can serve as an empowering force that can liberate the artist both as a musician as an individual. How do the “characters” in each work use music as a way to make a political statement or challenge conventional modes of behavior?

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