A mental health disorder or a family or mental health disorder.

Choose a specifice mental health disorder or a family or mental health disorder. The assignment will require students to utlize academic search engines to obtain scholarly ,peer-reviewed articles. Example of such databases includes Proquest Psychology Journals, Eric,Lexis Nexis. Students must use a minimum of SIX CITED SOURCES. All work must be cited.Students will use articles related to the disorder that they choose and answer the following questions in their paper:

1) What is the author of these articles discussing (ie disorder discussed)?

2) What does your text /notes say about this topic? 3)How do these articles relate to content from the course? Does it conflict with what you have learned in class or is it consistent with the course material? If so in what way? 4) Discuss the classic symptoms of that disorder,and the course/progression of the disorder overtime.Also include statistics on the prevalenece and incidence of the disorder in the general population. 5) According to the literature, can this psychological disorder be resolved? If so, how? If not, why can it not be? 6) How are individuals living with this psychiatric disorder treated in our society? 7) Is there any stigma of discrimination related to this disorder in our present society? 8) How did reading the articles expand your understanding of psychology, mental disorders, and/ or the human condition? 9) What was your view of this mental disorder prior to completing this paper? Has your view point change?

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