A controversial issue within the field of communications

 1. Choose a controversial issue within the field of communications 2. Collect at least five references – three of which must be academic – relating to the argument that you choose to support. You may use sources from other courses. The non academic sources must be credible (private research institutes and such). 3. Construct an argument. An argument is a clear-cut statement representing one side of a controversial issue. Remember: An argument is NOT a question/hypothesis/opinion/fact. 4. Write a paper supporting your argument by synthesizing ideas from the five references. Make sure that your evidence leads to the intended conclusion. 5. Pay attention to correct citing within the text and to the list of references at the end of the paper. 6. The assignment should be approximately four pages (1000-1200 words, excluding cover page and references), font 12, 1.5 spaces, normal margins,

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