1. What is ethics? 2. Two part Reflection: a. How

1. What is ethics? 

2. Two part Reflection:
a. How do you engage in conflicting moralities in your life? Suspend all the readings & share from your personal life experience how you have navigated differences in morality within your everyday life. Share a story of difference &; reflect on your choice point(s).

b. Now, read McNamee, 2008: Transformative Dialogue: Coordinating Conflicting Moralities. Based on your reading of McNamee, reflect on your practice of engaging conflicting moralities. How is your approach similar or different to what is described by McNamee? For instance, are you seeking consensus or coordination. Or are fighting on the matter of principles? How do you make sense of your way of going about conflict based on your story?

3. Any challenges in understanding the readings? (non-evaluative, a check-in

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