1. Find a Quantitative research article (for example quantitative descriptive,


1. Find a Quantitative research article (for example quantitative descriptive, correlational or quasi-experimental designs). 

You may not use any of the following:

· A retrospective study

· A mixed-methods study

· Qualitative research article

· A systematic review

· A quality improvement article

· An evidence-based practice article

2. It must be from a nursing research journal and/or have a nurse as an author.

3. It must be no more than 5 years old from the current publication year.

4. It must include implications and/or interventions that are applicable to nursing 


5. “Full text” of the article is submitted.

6. Article is in PDF format.

Answer the following questions:

· For the article you chose for the Finding a Quantitative Nursing Research Article I assignment, what was the study design (descriptive, correlational, predictive correlational, experimental, or quasi-experimental)? Why do you think the author(s) chose this design?

· What were the major research variables?

· What was the setting for the research? Was the setting highly controlled, partially controlled, or not controlled by the researcher?

· Be sure to include the article itself as a pdf attachment to your initial post.

Must be substantive and reflect thought and effort in answering the questions.

Cite and reference your resources appropriately using APA format.

Use in-text citations in your initial response.  

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